iSafety! Nitro 360

The Nitro is the newest model from Titaniumbaby. It can be used from birth up to 36 kg; this is around 12 years. The car seat can be used both forwards and backwards. You transport the baby backwards from birth. Research has shown that this is the safest way of transport. This car seat can be used backwards from birth up to 13 kg, after that the car seat is used forwards. The backrest can be adjusted in 3 positions and the headrest in no less than 8 different heights. This makes the chair very suitable for when your child wants to sleep well on the way. The headrest is adjustable in different positions so that it always fits perfectly with your child’s height. The first time this car seat with seat reducer is used, later it is removed so that more space is created in the car seat. The car seat is mounted in the car by means of Isofix with which you anchor the car seat. As an extra the Nitro 360 comes with a handy footrest which is adjustable in height.

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